Peek into Dubai’s First Metaverse Marriage

They make a wonderful couple, Florian Ughetto & Liz Nunez. Florian is French while Nunez is Paraguayan. Because of legal issues in Dubai to register their marriage, they were legally married in Georgia in 2019. The problem was that neither side could witness the ceremony.

Dubai’s First Metaverse Marriage

They were married again on May 19th, this time in Dubai. It was the third marriage in the world. According to various media reports, there were three events to mark the union: in-person marriage in the garden of the couple’s friend in The Springs community, a metaverse marriage with 20 guests from 10 countries at Decentraland, and a Zoom event for those who won’t understand the working of Decentraland.

“Our families were upset they could not make it to the wedding in 2019. Now that we had the technology ready for them to come together, we decided to explore it,” media reports quoted Ughetto as saying.

Logistics and Practice

The metaverse event was organized by the Dubai World Trade Centre Authority, which has been designated as a regulator and a comprehensive zone of virtual assets. A Metaincubator provided technical logistics.

“As we walked down the aisle in The Springs, so too did our avatars in the metaverse… We had practiced beforehand and trained our guests on how to log in and interact in the metaverse, and we also had a few wedding crashers who joined in last minute. But it was all in good fun,” Ughetto added.

Costumes and rings for NFTs

Florian and Liz have a metaverse marriage. They bought costumes and rings from OpenSea for $100, and hosted a virtual reception. According to Khaleej Times reports, Liz, the bride, was unable to enter the venue because it was already full. Florian asked the guests to allow Liz to enter by asking one of them to leave the venue. This was a very funny moment in marriage!

The couple will keep their rings and costumes as NFTs. Their marriage vows will be immutable under a smart contract.

“Within a few years from now, it will become the norm to merge both [worlds], virtual and real… People will be able to connect with loved ones in a mixed reality where distance is no longer a concern. It is possible to create unforgettable memories in the virtual universe. Our wedding showed us that,” Liz said

Dubai Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority, (VARA), which is linked with DWTCA purchased a piece land in The Sandbox metaverse to establish its virtual offices. Dubai businesses are increasingly accepting bitcoin. Real estate giant Damac Properties is the latest to accept BTC/ETH.

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