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    PingPong Payments partners with India Sourcing Network (ISN)

    FinTech unicorn ($2bn) PingPong Payments specialists in cross-border payments solutions, partnered with India Sourcing Network (ISN) to make borderless ecommerce possible, Indian sellers will be able to receive funds from international buyers. The move will bring greater opportunities for U.S. buyers and Indian sellers, by leveraging PingPong’s same-day payments service to create faster payment corridors and enable more competitive pricing, addressing end-to-end sourcing and payments needs for small and medium-sized businesses.

    The global retail ecommerce market is expected to reach $1 trillion by 2020 grow by 12.7% to $5.5 trillion this year this is a huge opportunity for U.S. sellers in order to gain new online customers. And today, as product suppliers become tired of the slow invoicing and unnecessary fees associated with traditional banking methods, PingPong’s all-in-one platform simplifies the payments process through integrated automation. India Sourcing Network partners with Indian sellers to enable them to receive funds instantly in their local currency and establish trusting business relationships with global suppliers.

    Kenny TsangCommentary by Managing Director, PingPong Payments: “Companies like India Sourcing Network are thriving, thanks to the benefits brought about by increased demand in cross-border payments. PingPong’s partnership with ISN offers Indian suppliers and global sellers competitive pricing options, by leveraging PingPong’s same-day payments system to solve the sourcing and supplying needs of tomorrow.”

    Kenny continues: “In a rapidly moving e-commerce world, with new business models emerging daily, PingPong is constantly innovating to keep pace with the global expansion of these fast-growing supplier networks. By utilizing India Sourcing Network’s supplier base, U.S. sellers can receive tailored offerings from suppliers and find alternative trade opportunities to those destinations experiencing ongoing shipping delays.”

    Meghla Bhadraj, cofounder of India Sourcing Network.: “ISN’s partnership with PingPong means that Indian sellers can expand their offering globally, securing quick and seamless access to funds from U.S. businesses looking to buy internationally.”

    Meghla concludes: “We are looking forward to a productive partnership with PingPong, expanding the consumer market of Indian goods across borders, thanks to PingPong’s extensive customer base.”

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