Polaris Raises €5M In Funding


Polaris, a Quimper, and Paris, France-based foodtech company, raised €5M in funding.

The round was led by Seventure Partners, via its Health for Life Capital™ fund.

The funds will be used to:

  • Continue international expansion
  • Strengthen its position in the nutraceutical industry, specialized nutrition (children and sports, pregnancy), and
  • Expand its sustainable production unit in Brittany (France).

Polaris, led by Dominique Taret as CEO, is a leader within the Foodtech sector. It produces high-quality Omega3 oils rich in EPA, DHA from fish historically and microalgae, with a maximum of 800 mg / g.

The company’s strategic objective is to develop sustainable, eco-responsible Omega-3 solutions with a full range of oils and powders from plant sources: 100% vegan, highly purified, GMO-free and allergen-free, with the aim of offering high-end Omega-3 products with increased stability.

The team of 50 employees, is now supported by a board with highly complementary profiles: Isabelle de Cremoux Seventure Partners – Jean-Pierre Rivery, industrial expert in the food industry, Board of Directors – Jean-Gérard Galvez, Franco-American entrepreneur recognized in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors – Dominique Taret, Chief Executive Officer of Polaris of Polaris.

Polaris operates in Japan and South Korea.

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