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    $7M of Seed Funding from Ponder

    $7m seed funding was raised by Ponder Data, Inc., Berkeley-based startup UC Berkeley Data Science.

    Lightspeed Venture Partners led the round with Intel Capital, 8VC, and The House Fund participating.

    The company plans on using the funds to create a machine learning and analytical tools that are easy to use, enterprise-ready, and scalable.

    Ponder Data, led by Doris Lee (CEO) and Devin Petersohn (CTO), provides enterprise-ready tools to allow for flexible, rapid experimentation with large amounts of data. The company commercializes open-source tools, Modin and Lux.

    Modin is a scalable “drop-in replacement” for pandas*, meaning that data scientists can scale up to large datasets, without the users having to change a single line of code. Lux, on the contrary, is a visualization tool that pandas can use to automatically identify visual insights from large, complex datasets. This tool does not require any code changes. Ponder’s technology is used by 10 of the Fortune-100 companies and across sectors, ranging from pharmaceutical companies like Bristol Myers Squibb and GSK, to technology companies like Intel and VMware, to automotive companies like Ford and Tesla. Over 2.5M people have downloaded the open-source software.

    Data science teams—including 10 Fortune 100 companies—leverage Ponder’s technology to accelerate their data science workloads.

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