PUBG Developer Sues Apple, Google For Not Removing Clones From App Stores


Clone apps are created to copy a popular game. It is difficult to determine if these apps are actually designed to mimic the game, or are scams that attempt to capitalize on its popularity. However, clones are quite common and many developers don’t like them.

Krafton, PUBG’s original developer, decided not to sue the developers of the clone applications, but rather against Garena, Google and Apple over various PUBG-like clones that were found in their respective app stores.

Krafton claims that Garena created games called Free Fire Max and Free Fire Max, which were PUBG clones. Krafton claims that Apple, Google and other companies helped Garena distribute the hundreds of millions of copies. This allowed Garena to make huge profits and also generated revenue through in-app purchases.

Krafton claims that they also informed Apple about the copyright infringement of these games, but that they have not taken the apps off the App Store. In addition to the profits made by Apple and Google from the sales of the cloned apps, Krafton is seeking damages.


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