Reema Health Raises $8M in Seed Funding

Reema Health

Seed funding of $8 million was raised by Reema Health, a Minneapolis-based provider of health technology platforms, for which.

MaC Venture Capital led the round, as did DNA Capital.

The company has raised more than $10m so far and plans to use the funds for expansion of operations and business reach.

Justin Ley, Reema’s CEO, uses technology to empower human relationships and improve the health outcomes of those most in need. People are engaged via Community Guides through a personalized, community-based approach. This includes a deep understanding of their lives, crucial needs, and access to the best resources. The platform empowers Guides and allows them to be more productive, allowing them to quickly establish the trust that has been proven to lead to better health outcomes.

The company currently serves health plans on the East Coast and Midwest. Plans to expand to other states later this year.

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