Wyre and Rehive make this possible

Rehive, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. Wyre integration is now possible.

It’s the easiest way to add financial products to your market. The process of building a fintech app or wallet from scratch can be quite costly — sometimes costing over $250K — this integration set up companies at a fraction of the price and saves considerable time to market.

“We have over 30 applications on our waiting list for this integration and continue to see more coming in. End-to-end integrations of licensed money service providers such as Wyre have been the number one request. Clients used to have to perform these integrations until recently. It is now possible to go live with a production-ready fintech app in a matter of days” – Helghardt avenant, CEO of Rehive

Rehive allows businesses to create a sandbox account and then follow the onboarding steps to set up their fintech application. Wyre handles compliance and provides custody for user-end money. Wyre takes care of the application layer, while Rehive manages the application layer. To link the integration, you will need to open a Wyre and Plaid Account.

Rehive makes it easy for marketplaces and new fintechs alike to add financial services. Although there is plenty of fintech infrastructure, it can still be expensive and difficult to create your own app. Rehive created a layer of no-code that can be used on top-of-key providers such as Wyre.

Payouts and payments are the key use case. Now marketplaces have the ability to launch their own payment solutions. Marketplaces can save money on payout fees and open up new revenue streams while retaining customers. Rehive launched earlier this month a pilot program to help clients who are interested in Wyre integration. The Premium subscription includes $7,500 of credits that can be used to launch a custom-branded fintech or payments app.

Clients have the option to build on Rehive’s API, re-use frontend modules, or simply leverage the standalone application. The standalone application offers similar features to PayPal and Cash App, including send and request payments and bulk payouts. It also includes invoice and payment links, currency conversions and cash-back rewards.

The integration also supports USDC — a dollar stablecoin — powered on the Stellar network. Stellar enables seamless, near-instant, low-cost cross-border payments.

Bolt acquired Wyre earlier this month for $1.5B. Plans include adding crypto and web3 capabilities as well as a digital wallet.

“We are excited about Bolt’s acquisition of Wyre. There is an opportunity for Rehive to work directly with Bolt merchants or marketplaces that are looking to launch their own branded fintech applications.” – Helghardt avenant, CEO of Rehive

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