ReserveBlock Foundation RBX Network to Collaborate with Venture Miami Team

ReserveBlock Foundation RBX Network – – The first open-source, decentralized NFT Centric Blockchain for Miami will soon be available to the community. This blockchain will allow the development of Miami-centric NFTs.  RBX provides utility to the City of Miami, its residents and visitors through NFTs via the RBX Network Protocol. ReserveBlock is developing the ecosystem and members of the Miami community will see Miami-focused NFT project with the potential for leverage Miami Coin.

“If last year was the year of mainstreaming, this will be the year of utility and adoption,” said Mayor Francis Suarez.  “Collaborating with open-source platforms like ReserveBlock is a major step in that direction as we continue to explore ways to leverage blockchain technology for the benefit of Miamians and Miami Coin holders.”

Mayor Suarez’s internal Venture Miami team will have access to participate in the public Testnet on the RBX Network through a designated RBX core wallet, allowing the team to experience the network Masternode infrastructure first-hand. Venture Miami will be collaborating with RBX to create Miami-centric NFTs once RBX is launched on Mainnet.

Masternodes started the RBX public Testnet on March 1st. They ran a validator program, provided network governance, and all this was done through the core wallet that can be used on any device. The RBX public Testnet began on March 1st with Masternodes running a validator program and providing network governance. All this was done through the core wallet on any local device (i.e. laptop, desktop or Raspberry-Pi). It also achieves true carbon neutrality because of its decentralized and distributed nature.  This unique RBX protocol is in-line with the teams’ ethos of democratizing network participation for all by reducing friction and burdens of existing networks known today and creating unique value for coin holders.

About the ReserveBlock Foundation

The RBX network was created and developed by a group of founding sponsors with extensive expertise in media, entertainment and technology.  The Reserve Label, Texoware and The Young Astronauts technology team were the original sponsors. The foundation was completely self-funded and has no central control. This ensures the best decentralized NFT Layer 1 ecosystem.  The RBX network is governed by a Masternode infrastructure. It has been designed to offer true NFT utility through a single core wallet for Masternodes Datanodes Smart Contracts and Decentralized Sales Tools. This allows everyone to participate.

About Venture Miami

Venture Miami is a portfolio company that was established by Francis Suarez (City of Miami Mayor).  The Mission and goal of the team is to make Miami the “capital of capital” with an innovative technology ecosystem and economy that delivers for everyone.  The five pillars of Venture Miami are (1) provide concierge support for funders & founders. (2) Connect talent with jobs. (3) meaningfully promote diversity, equity & inclusion. (4) Build connections between new and existing market entities. (5) support regional collaboration amongst other local governments, economic development agencies & organizations.

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