Restor3d Raises $23M in Funding


Funding of $23M was raised by Restor3d, a Durham-based medical device company.

The identity of the backers was not revealed.

The company plans to use the funds to (1) introduce new products and 3D-printed personalized surgical solutions in the upper/lower extremity and spine and trauma; (2) continue development of machine learning enabled software for surgical planning, implant design, and surgical planning, (3) basic research, preclinical and clinical studies, and (4) expand the commercial team to support market growth.

Restor3d, founded by Ken Gall Ph.D. as co-founder, is a medical device company that enables surgeons to enhance the reconstruction and repair human bodies through 3D printed implants. These implants have an enhanced anatomical fit, and better integrative properties. The company is focused on improving medical device solutions by leveraging its expertise in 3D printers of advanced biomedical material, anatomic and Kinematic modeling, as well as AI-based planning, design, and tools.

Restor3d announced that it had merged with Kinos Medical in 2021. This allowed restor3d to expand into the high growth extremity arthroplasty market in the U.S.

Restor3d is moving to a new facility at Research Triangle Park in early 2023. The facility will provide more capabilities for digital patient design, in-house manufacture of instruments and implants, and surgeon training and education.

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