Rockstar 10mm f/8 and 27mm f/2.8 APS-C Lenses are Less Than $80

Rockstar releases 2 new lenses for under 80 800x420 1

A set of prime lenses from Rockstar, a Chinese manufacturer, has been released for under $80. Both the manual focus 10mm f/8 Fisheye lens and the 27mm f/2.8 pancake lens are available for Sony, Nikon and Canon APS–C cameras, as well as Micro Four Thirds.

Rockstar 27mm f/2.8

The first lens was initially spotted by Photos. It is the fully manual 27mm F/2.8 wide angle manual focal lens for crop sensor cameras. This pocket-sized lens has a 43mm equivalent focal length for APS-C cameras, and 52mm when used in Micro Four Thirds. The lens is composed of six elements divided into five groups. It has a 55-degree field of view and a minimum focal distance of 9.84 inches (25cm).

Although the f/2.8 aperture cannot be adjusted in any direction, the cheap and small lens has a 55mm thread that allows for the use of neutral density filters. Although it won’t improve depth of field, it will allow a photographer to use a slower shutter speed when shooting in bright lighting.

This 2.2-inch (58mm x 0.95-inch) wide-angle lens has a blur effect at close distances. For $59, the 27mm f/2.8 wide-angle lens can be purchased for Canon EOS M, Fujifilm X and Nikon Z. It is also available for Sony E mounts from various sellers on eBay.

Rockstar 10mm f/8

Rockstar’s second lens, a 10mm f/8 fisheye lens, offers approximately a 16mm full-frame equivalent view on most crop sensor bodies (APS-C), and around 20mm on a Micro Four Thirds camera. The f8 fixed lens is made up of five elements, in four groups, and three extra-low dispersion elements (ED), all housed in a Formula 1 tire-like design. The minimum focal distance is 12 inches (30cm), and the view angle is 150 degrees. It’s completely manual, with no electronic contacts to transmit the EXIF data.

The 5-element lens is only 79.5g in weight and measures only 2.3 inches in diameter (58mm), 0.43 inches thick (11mm). It fits the definition of a “pancake lens” and has a true thickness of 0.43 inches (11mm).

For Canon EOS-M and Fujifilm X, Nikon Z and MFT, the 10mm f/8 manual fishingeye lens are available from sellers on eBay. Prices range between $65 to $75, depending on which vendor you choose.

Both lenses are limited in features and aperture, so they won’t be groundbreaking or extraordinary. For photographers looking to experiment with focal lengths and find the size appealing, however, a lens for less than $80 is a good option. Even if the company has a poor reputation, it’s still a great deal.


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