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A recent study by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, CSIR, found that a shift to a more circular economy could create value in all economic sectors.

The circular economy promotes sustainability and consists of businesses that are focused on eliminating waste. This leads to higher efficiency and better profit margins.

Sixty-five entrepreneurs have the chance to participate in an innovative incubator program for 18 months that maximize their business success.

Fetola Circular Economics Accelerator (CEA), a unique initiative, provides South African entrepreneurs with unrivaled access to mentorship and skills development to help them scale their businesses in the circular economy.

The circular economy has the potential to have a lasting impact on businesses. They not only reduce the millions of tonnes of waste that end up in landfills each year but also help to create jobs and economic growth.

“The circular economy plays an important role in South Africa’s economy. It’s vital that entrepreneurs in this sector receive the support they require to succeed. Fetola CEO Catherine Wijnberg says that our expertise is in helping entrepreneurs build lasting businesses.

The CEA Initiative is an interactive and engaging program that caters to the needs of women-owned businesses and start-ups in South Africa.

Entrepreneurs can gain new skills, develop products, and access growth opportunities through this program. They will have exclusive funding, mentoring and investment opportunities.

These will enable you as an entrepreneur to grow your business, and give you the ability to build a sustainable future in South Africa.

“The CEA is unique from other incubators. It is professional, personal, and practical. Wijnberg explains that the program maximizes your business’ success by leveraging the expertise of skilled mentors and partnerships from a peer network.”

The program has many benefits
  • Learn more about the circular economy, and get the sector and technical knowledge necessary to be a force for good.
  • You can create a profitable business model by identifying and managing gaps and process reengineering.
  • To increase sales and to attract new clients, you can practice sales and marketing skills
  • Mastering investment readiness will allow you to access new markets and get finance.
  • With the support of experienced mentors and leaders, overcome business challenges

This program offers workshops in business skills, gap analysis and strategic planning, mentoring and coaching, brand building interventions and peer-to-peer networking. It also provides access to sector-specific resources and performance evaluation.

Participants will be assigned an accountability partner and connected to a group of peers who can learn from each other.

“The circle economy plays an important role in South Africa’s economy. It’s vital that entrepreneurs in this sector receive the support they require to succeed.

Our expertise is in helping entrepreneurs build lasting businesses. Entrepreneurs who are passionate about building a business and want to increase their success rates will find the program ideal.

This is for businesses that are interested in circular economies or making a positive environmental impact by designing out pollution and waste,” Wijnberg concludes.

How to Apply

Interested entrepreneurs can apply. The deadline for applications is Wednesday, February 16, 2022. For more information, email CEA Programme Manager Isabel du Toit at cea[at]

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