Sainsbury’s Bank partners with FinTech Scotland

FinTech Scotland announcement Sainsbury’s Bank joins its list of strategic partners.

Fintech Scotland is a strategic partner that will allow the supermarket bank to work with technology leaders and help shape future customer propositions. This builds on the strategic digital emphasis of Sainbury’s Bank in recent years, including the transformation of operational systems and platforms to best serve its customers.

The new Sainsbury’s Bank operating model has been developed to advance nimble and agile ways of working, creating the right environment for its technology team to innovate and integrate new fintech solutions.

The strategic partnership with FinTech Scotland is a catalyst for change and better outcomes for customers. It also allows us to learn from the vibrant Scottish fintech cluster.

Sainsbury’s Bank will also get involved in the work to progress the actions from the FinTech Research & Innovation Roadmap published by FinTech Scotland in March 2022. They will be participating in projects related to Everyday Personal Banking as well as SME Banking.

This partnership is being discussed. Nicola Anderson, FinTech Scotland CEO said: “Sainsbury’s Bank is an important and valuable contributor to the Scottish FinTech Cluster, and I am delighted it has joined the Fintech Scotland strategic partners. We’re looking forward to working with the team, learning from their experiences in building a digital bank and innovative mindsets, while supporting their future banking ambitions through fintech partnerships and actionable research.”

Simon Jacobs, Chief Operating Officer, Sainsbury’s Bank said: “As we continue to look at how technology helps to take our business forward and to deliver great propositions and products, for loyal Sainsbury’s and Argos customers, we’re delighted to be joining the FinTech Scotland cluster to play our part in ensuring Scotland seizes the fintech opportunity in terms of economic growth and job creation.”

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