SambaSafety Provides New Insights to Commercial Auto Insurers

SambaSafety announces the launch of Portfolio Insight, which provides commercial insurance carriers and brokers with unprecedented visibility into and across their clients’ driver risk data. When paired with Qorta’s continuous driver monitoring, Portfolio Insight enables loss control engineers and underwriters to partner with policyholders to x-ray their driver safety program and discover and eliminate risk throughout the policy lifecycle. Portfolio Insight offers unparalleled insight across an entire vehicle portfolio, allowing you to spot emerging risks as well as comparative trends.

“As insurers try to overcome this 10-year loss ratio tailspin, we often hear that loss-control programs don’t have sufficient impact or aren’t actively used to reduce driver risk,”  Rich Lacey, Chief Product Officer at SambaSafety. “Companies that leverage Qorta to manage drivers reduce violations by 22%. Portfolio Insight allows a policyholder to share insight with its insurer so they can partner to minimize risk and costs for both parties.”

Portfolio Insight provides a transparent “source of truth” about driver risk that loss control managers, risk engineers and underwriters can use to increase retention, improve performance and reduce losses. Intuitive dashboards illuminate:

  • Training and driver violations
  • Alert handling and status of license
  • Crashes and claims

Qorta usage can be tracked by insurance companies to make sure their clients are engaged with the system. This includes keeping a driver roster and responding to alerts.

Portfolio Insight also offers a panoramic view of a carrier’s commercial portfolio across all clients. Dashboards can identify macro trends such as an above-average number of invalid licenses. Portfolio Insight provides answers to questions about a book or business that can be applied across all insureds. For example, which violations tend not to precede crashes or are more common in different states?

“For both carriers and brokers, Portfolio Insight makes it easy to validate the effectiveness of Qorta driver monitoring as a value-add risk-reduction program and chart a path to commercial auto profitability,” Lacey spoke.

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