Samsung roller laptop emerges on wipo patent website

Samsung has been working to consolidate the segment of foldable smartphones. Although there is competition, Samsung is still the market leader in this segment across all global markets. The Chinese market is home to the majority of foldable phones. This may change in the future, but we expect the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 to keep the segment under the Korean firm’s belt. Although Samsung has been betting on the foldable segment, it does not mean that the company isn’t experimenting with other technologies. Oppo presented the idea of a smartphone that had a rollable display a few years back to surprise the world. This technology was much more convenient than folding smartphones. A few months later, Samsung confirmed that it was also working on rollable and extendable products. A new device that looks like a “Samsung Roller Laptop” has just been spotted.

Another Korean company, LG, was close to launching a rollable product. Its smartphone business was dissolved and the device never made it to the market. Oppo, on the other hand, says it’s not done for mass manufacturing these products or said a few years ago. The big question now is whether this company will present a rollable product. Samsung is currently preparing for rollable products. Evidence has been provided that shows a laptop is available with a rollable keyboard and display.


Samsung has been working on Flexible display phones, sliding display phones, slidable displays with S Pen support, and other applications. All of these ideas were discovered on the World Intellectual Property Organization patent site. We have now spotted a brand new Samsung laptop on this same platform. The new product gives us a glimpse at the upcoming laptop’s design from Samsung.

According to images and descriptions, the new Samsung laptop will have a roller design. This means the laptop will fit within a cylindrical roll. Judging by the patent images, to make use of the laptop, one will need to pull up to bring the laptop’s screen and access the keyboard. To access the keyboard, the user will need to move the keyboard forward. The user can experience the full laptop experience once the keyboard and screen are removed.

We assume it’s easy to slide the screen and keyboard back to the roller. You can carry it around in small spaces. Samsung plans to produce more portable laptops soon. We are therefore curious to see if the same design will be used in the smartphone market in the near future.

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