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    Samsung’s Freestyle portable projector is worth $900

    Samsung is accepting pre-orders for its new $900 portable projector. The company wants to position it as more than just a device for projecting movies onto your wall.

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    The Freestyle measures approximately 6.8″ x 4.5″ x 3.7″ x 1.8 lbs when mounted on a stand. The device can project 1080p video at up 100 inches and has a built-in 5W 360-degree speaker. It also works with USB-PD power banks capable of supporting 50W/20V output. An adapter can be used to plug it into an E26 standard light socket.

    This opens up new possibilities. You can not only beam imagery at your wall but also shine it onto a table to view videos and presentations.

    Samsung claims that The Freestyle can also be used with an “ambient mode” and translucent lens caps to provide mood lighting effects. It can also be used as a smart speaker that streams music from supported services and beams visualizations onto a wall or ceiling with the adjustable stand.

    The Freestyle uses the same Smart TV software as a Samsung TV. It also supports screen mirroring from Android and iOS devices. Mirror content from The Freestyle can be sent to another Samsung Smart TV nearby. This allows two people to view the same content simultaneously, or for you to continue watching as you move around the room.

    The projector has USB-C, micro HDMI, microphone and voice controls. It also comes with a 60W USB–C power adapter, lens cap and remote control.

    Even if the projector is not placed on a flat surface, it will align images automatically. It can also calibrate colors even though it isn’t shining on a white screen or wall. The size of the image will depend on where it is placed. Samsung states that if it’s placed at 2.6 feet from any surface, you’ll see a screen measuring 30 inches. However, if you move The Freestyle to an 8.8-foot distance, you can see a screen measuring 100 inches.

    It has a 550 lumen LED light, but it is not the brightest projector on the market. This means you will get better results in dim environments. The display is a unique combination of features that sets it apart from other portable projectors. This may justify its $900 price and ridiculous name (it’s “The Freestyle” and not “Freestyle”).

    Other features include support WiFi 5 and Bluetooth5.2, a 300-to-1 contrast ratio, support HDR10 content, support for Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant, as well as Amazon’s Alexa service.


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