Sana offers affordable health insurance for small businesses

Sana, a health care company that provides health benefits to small businesses at affordable prices, today announced its expansion into Virginia. Sana is serving a traditionally underserved market in Virginia. In addition to the lack of health insurance options for small businesses found throughout the country, Virginia also suffers from low availability of primary-care and mental-health providers. The United Health Foundation’s 2021 report ranked Virginia’s ratio of individuals to primary-care providers as 36th among the 50 states, and its ratio of individuals to mental-health providers as 38th. Sana’s inclusion of $0 virtual appointments with primary-care and mental-health providers in most plans will help Virginians facing those issues.

“Sana entered three new states in 2021 and plans to keep expanding in 2022,” Will Young, Sana CEO and co-founder, said the statement. “We’re on a mission to make health care understandable, accessible and affordable to as many Americans as possible. Virginia has over a million small business employees, and we’re excited to offer them a better alternative to the same restrictive networks and sky-high ‘negotiated rates’ that have dominated the market for decades.”

Sana’s availability in Virginia means that small and midsize businesses can now get health plans that are purpose-built to meet their specific needs. Anthem Group and Cigna possess 72% of the state’s PPO market share, according to a 2021 report by the American Medical Association. Sana is an alternative for those legacy insurers. The large, legacy insurers in Virginia may serve as an adequate option for enterprises with thousands of employees, but they’ve failed to provide smaller businesses with the support their modest or nonexistent human resources teams require. Employers have not had access the value-based models of health care that can make their employees healthier and more affordable.

“Getting high quality, affordable health coverage is one of the most difficult jobs HR professionals face, especially at smaller employers,” Joan Reutter, sponsorships chair, Prince William, Virginia chapter Society for Human Resource Management. “We’re excited for Sana to help our members solve that problem. We’ve seen Sana’s work with SHRM chapters in other states and know they’ll be a great partner.”

Only payroll surpasses health benefits as companies’ largest expense category. Small businesses pay anywhere from 8% to 18% more than a large company for an identical health insurance policy, according to a 2018 National Conference of State Legislatures report. Worse, 40% of small businesses reported that they’ve increased the prices of goods and services due to rising health care costs, according to a 2021 survey by Small Business for America’s Future, a nonprofit organization comprising business owners and leaders based in Washington, D.C. Sana’s new customers include 35% of small businesses that are unable to offer health care to their employees. This is largely because of high costs. Launching in Virginia adds more than a million employees who can benefit from Sana’s health plans.

“Sana has been incredible for our business,” Jason Martin, who is the owner of Roost Austin a vacation rental agency, stated that. “Everything from the value of the plans, to the ease of use, to the customer support has been amazing.”

Those looking for small business health insurance in Virginia can utilize Sana to save money and attract and retain top talent in a competitive labor market. Sana’s customers often save up to 20% compared to legacy insurer pricing and most receive flat rate renewals.

Virginia-based employers can now offer full medical, vision, and dental benefits to their employees starting today. Sana is known for affordable employer health plans, $0 virtual doctors’ appointments, low co-pays and 95% customer-service satisfaction. Sana offers employees virtual health care that includes providers who specialize in mental, pediatric, and maternity.

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