Scribe Security Raises $7M in Seed Funding


From left to right Daniel Nebenzahl CTO Guy Chernobrov VP R D and Rubi Arbel CEO 1

Scribe Safety is a Tel Aviv-based SaaS platform that secures software across multiple supply chains. It has raised more than $7m in seed funding.

Elron Ventures led the round, with Tal Ventures, YYM Ventures and other investors.

The funds will be used by the company to market its complete solution.

Scribe was founded in 2021 by cybersecurity and cryptography experts CEO Rubi Abel, CTO Daniel Nebenzahl and VP R&D Guy Chernobrov. It is a platform that allows for modern software development. It allows organizations to create, distribute, maintain and verify code components’ authenticity, provenance, and reputation. This solution gives organizations visibility and assurance over the entire lifecycle of software development, from initial design to final deployment.

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