SearchWorks Rebrands To Reflect Growth As One Of SA’s Top Data Providers

SearchWorks announced that it will relaunch its brand identity. South Africa’s most innovative data aggregation platform says it has evolved its brand identity in a manner that pays homage to its roots as a data offering of e4, and now through impressive growth, become its own entity with an extensive list of unique offerings and capabilities.

The SearchWorks platform was established in 2012 and allows users to perform live, accurate searches of individuals and companies online.

The brand refresh is also a nod to the vibrant and ever-changing tech environment in which relevant products, services, and data are business critical – a demand SearchWorks has embraced by consistently adding new search types and functionality to its platform.

Robyn Beckworth Judge, Group Marketing Head, says that the decision to modernize SearchWorks’ brand is a good one. It expands its reach in key industries where KYC and other vetting procedures need to be completed quickly and accurately without disrupting customers’ journeys. “From a product offering to a thriving subsidiary, SearchWorks has grown to offer 160 search types and counting. It was important that the brand refresh reflected the status of SearchWorks as a platform that delivers powerful results.”

With SearchWorks principles of accuracy and efficiency in mind, the new visual elements within the revised brand, show the company’s data journey and highlights the complexity of the SearchWorks backend. As a final touch, the brand’s orange was also reinvigorated to a brighter hue.

“Our new identity is simple, yet effective, all of which encapsulates SearchWorks. We are pleased to launch this revised identity at a time that marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for this business,” says Beckworth-Judge.

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