SellX Raises $2M in Funding

SellX, an NYC-based smart sales platform and talent marketplace connecting companies with an elite remote sales force to drive revenue raised $2m in funding.

GroundUp and State of Mind Ventures were among the backers.

Led by Dean Glas, CEO, SellX provides access to premium, on-demand sales talent who are empowered to work with anyone, anywhere. At launch, over 150 companies including Deel, Swimply and Sunday are utilizing SellX to reduce risk, cost and time associated with building, managing, scaling and retaining an in-house sales development team.

The solution enables companies to acquire customers by launching customizable campaigns to a network of top-performing sales reps to generate and qualify leadsThis data-optimized platform includes integrated sales and marketing tools that track performance, automate workflows, and manage payments. The platform features include AI-matching and targeted customer segments. There are multiple campaign types. You can also define sales rep criteria. Personal sequences. Multi-channel outreach is possible. Real-time analytics is available.

The system can be integrated with existing tools like Salesforce, Hubspot Calendly, Calendly Chilipiper, Google, and many others.

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