Sharegain is the first company to offer SWIFT public cloud connectivity to clients worldwide

Its key role in SWIFT’s public cloud connectivity pilot programme, Sharegain the company was the first to offer SWIFT public cloud connectivity to its clients.

London, UK, 12 May 2022 – Sharegain, a leading capital markets fintech, today announced it has launched SWIFT public cloud connectivity, enabling full SWIFT messaging capabilities via the cloud. Sharegain is the first company to offer these capabilities to clients and custodians globally. This will further reduce costs for existing capital market participants as well as lower barriers to entry for new entrants.

Sharegain’s category-defining and market-leading Securities Lending as a Service (SLaaS) solution also removes from clients the overhead of sending SWIFT instructions to their custodians, a further enhancement of Sharegain’s 360° client success offering. In addition, as a custody agnostic solution, Sharegain’s cutting-edge tech stack can connect any client to any custodian via a simple integration.

Sharegain’s role in SWIFT’s public cloud connectivity pilot programme also highlights the company’s industry-recognised tech leadership when it comes to integrating, digitalising and upgrading capital markets infrastructure. Sharegain has been a leader in the development of technology and setting high standards in client service.

Boaz Yaari, Sharegain CEO & Founder, said: “Being the first company globally to offer its clients SWIFT public cloud connectivity underscores Sharegain’s innovative, market-leading and transformational use of technology, to both enhance client experience and move the industry forward toward more efficient, transparent and open capital markets. My team has been a great help in helping SWIFT, the foundational capital market infrastructure player, to develop the Alliance Connect Virtual product for all markets. This collaboration provides a perfect example of what can be achieved when top tier global players and trailblazing Fintechs collaborate for the benefit of all capital market participants.”

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