Shazam now available as a Chrome Extension

shazam mac

If you want to find a song you heard on TV or radio, Shazam is a great tool. What if you are on your computer and a song is playing in the background of a YouTube or website you’re viewing?

Sometimes it’s possible to be lucky enough that the creator of the video will credit the song. But what if they don’t? It looks like Shazam is now available in Google Chrome extensions. You can download it, install it like any other extension, and then tap the blue icon to get started.

It functions in the same manner as Shazam on your smartphone, but you don’t have to open Shazam on your phone or launch it. You can simply click on the extension and it will start right away. The extension is not perfect, unfortunately.

Some users are complaining that the app isn’t working yet. It is still in beta so we are not certain if that’s the case. You cannot also sync previously identified songs to your Shazam account. This would be very useful. These issues will hopefully be resolved in a future update.

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