ShoeFy: DeFi Utility for NFTs & Metaverse

Leading Metaverse fashion & DeFi platform, ShoeFy has launched its Genesis NFT Minting to provide DeFi level utility for NFTs. Since its inception last year, ShoeFy has shown remarkable innovation in the NFT & Fashion industry by formulating concepts that cater to the NFT holders, Fashionistas, Gamers, DeFi users and Metaverse lovers bringing P2E, NFT Staking, NFT Farming, and LP Mining pools for NFTs with $SHOE tokens.

The platform recently made its genesis NFTs available for minting on for everyone through $SHOE tokens & $Ethereum, providing a limited time discount mint for $SHOE token holders.

What is ShoeFy, and how does it differ from other NFT-related projects?

ShoeFy, an innovative platform for decentralization, combines Non-Fungible tokens (SNFT/SHOE NFTs) with Fungible Tokens. FT is the $SHOE token. It is a futuristic NFT platform that uses cutting-edge DeFi tools to maximise returns.

ShoeFy NFTs are a collection of 10,000 unique, procedurally-generated collectible sNFT (or Shoe NFTs) stored as ERC721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT can be hand-drawn by ShoeFy. ShoeFy was founded to be a leader in the fashion industry.

The original genesis collection will be also available on Tier 1 Exchange INO launchpads. There will also be a few other NFT launchpads. This ensures that there is a variety of audiences. Only a Genesis collection of 3,000/10,000 coins are available for minting now. These coins will be distributed through Public sales and INO launchpads. The remaining 7,000 NFTs will be mints as layer farming tokens. All Genesis holders will be rewarded with the Racing Game Car NFT, which Polygon Studios has just launched with Polygon Studios to encourage massive user adoption and low gasoline fees.

What are the benefits of NFTs

NFTs still have a long way to go before they are widely adopted. Investors are still plagued by a lack of utility and liquidity for NFTs. There is no other option once you have an NFT. The virtual metaverse and passive income opportunities that ShoeFy offers are only beginning to make an impact.

As part of the SHOE token & “GENESIS sNFT” holder, there are exclusive perks post reveal in the form of:

  • NFT Staking and High Yield AAPY
  • Play 2 Earn’s racing game, launching in Q2, offers a free car NFT
  • Early access to ShoeFy NFT Marketplace & INO launches
  • Participate in Shoeverse Metaverse. Play 2 Earn contests and games that will help you scale, rent, and earn in the metaverse.
  • Join the Upcoming Tribehouse
  • To earn SHOE tokens, create and publish games

ShoeFy NFT Staking DeFi Portal where you can stake any NFT into your Decentralized wallet to earn HIGH APY while NFTs are idle.

ShoeFy is dedicated to empowering the world by unlocking NFTs’ true potential and DeFi capabilities. This is only possible through the ShoeFy community. It’s time that NFTs are worth more than flipping or storing in Web 3 wallets, it calls for staking, utility and liquidity for NFTs. With ShoeFy, it’s going to be a reality soon.


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