SIMBA Partners with Emmy-Winning Bureau of Magic in Lost in Oz Digital Collectibles Series

In an exciting collaboration between Bureau of Magic (BoM) and SIMBA Chain – showing how blockchain technology is reshaping customer engagement in the entertainment sector – BoM is set to launch its upcoming NFT collection Passport to Oz through SIMBA Market’s NFT Marketplace.

Under the partnership, BoM will leverage SIMBA Chain’s blockchain infrastructure expertise to create a novel and engaging customer experience. SIMBA will assist BoM in delivering never before seen blockchain-powered animation, toys and immersive fan engagement techniques. These are all part of Passport to Oz digital collection or non-fungible tokens.

The collection is the entrance point to the next chapter of BoM’s Emmy-winning animated series, “Lost in Oz.” The Passport to Oz is an upcoming membership-based community-powered innovative experience centered around the age-old tradition of storytelling. Explaining the importance of this collaboration, Abram Makowka, an Executive Producer on the Passport to Oz project, said it will be “an easy entry point for kids, families, and Wizard of Oz fans to dive into a magical story world we’re building on a completely new medium, the blockchain.”

The creative energy behind the “Lost in Oz” animated series, broadcasting globally through well-known networks like Amazon Prime, Nickelodeon, and Disney, the Bureau of Magic is known for its animated and live-action entertainment products, made for people belonging to every age group. The company’s renowned storytelling expertise has resulted in collaborations with some of the world’s most recognizable brands including Coca-Cola, Nike, Superman, and the NFL.

SIMBA Marketplace has been instrumental in helping large brands capitalise on digital collectibles’ power. The implementation of SIMBA Chain’s NFT Marketplace solution will allow its partner brands to establish a completely new stream of revenue. It simplifies the process of developing brands and allows users to interact with favorite brands using digital collectibles.

Bureau of Magic thrives on customer engagement. The studio recognizes the value of Web 3.0, and is positioning itself as an innovation powerhouse among its peers. BoM continues to collaborate with SIMBA Chain and is setting new standards for how creators and consumers interact.

Those interested in the Lost in Oz digital collectible series can visit or to register for updates and more information.

About SIMBA Chain

SIMBA Chain is shorthand for Simple Blockchain Applications. It simplifies the process of developing blockchain apps and removes all the complexity. SIMBA Market, a NFT marketplace, is for both non-crypto and crypto experts. It offers simple UX, fiat purchase, and iconic brands in sports, entertainment, gaming, and other areas. The platform automatically generates APIs for both public and private Blockchains. It is easy to adopt via drag-and-drop smart-contract construction. SIMBA Chain was developed at the University of Notre Dame. It allows customers to deploy blockchain apps without having to hire tech specialists or consultants. Using SIMBA Chain’s cloud-based platform, any developers, companies, and universities, can easily build Web 3.0 solutions.

About Bureau of Magic

Bureau of Magic (BoM), creates and produces live-action and animated entertainment for all ages. The Bureau of Magic storytelling group has been trusted to tell stories about Superman and the NFL, Coca-Cola or Nike. Their projects have been nominated for 15 Emmy® Awards, winning four, including Outstanding Children’s Animated Program and a nomination for Outstanding New Approaches to Drama Series.

BoM is currently developing a series with Paramount TV Studios, Universal Television Alternative Studios, Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way, Jimmy Fallon’s Electric Hot Dog, and Patrick Somerville’s Tractor Beam. Jared Mark, Darin Mark, Abram Makkowka, Mark Warshaw and Darin Mark were the co-creators, executive productions, writers, and co-founders of Lost in Oz. CAA and Greenberg Glusker are the representatives of The Bureau of Magic.

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