SimplyPayMe launches new QR Code payment system

Global payments company that has won numerous awards SimplyPayMe, announced the launchIts New QR (quick response) CodePayments System. The intention of the app is to make digital payments faster and more secure. New SystemAllows businesses to create QRCodes for instant customer PaymentYou don’t have to manually enter or share your card details. It’s quick and secure. PaymentCustomers can pay for their purchases without having to contact anyone by simply using their phone’s camera. QR codeThe next step in the evolution of the digital payment industry is payments.

Available for any business and suitable for use at any moment and anywhere. QR codeBecause most smartphones are capable of accepting payments, you don’t need to purchase expensive hardware. QR CodeReaders are built into cameras. It is easy to create unique codes for businesses and the facilitation if instant messages. PaymentMerchants can reduce queues and serve more customers. Touch-free. QRCustomers feel more relaxed when they pay with payments.

You can find the SimplyPayMePlatform, when the customer scans QR codeThe notification will be displayed on the customer’s screen. The notification must be opened by the customer to take them to a webpage. PaymentPay by your chosen payment method Payment method. A customer can be sent an email receipt. This simple and smart solution allows small businesses to quickly go digital. Payment onboarding.

Kent Vorland, CEO of SimplyPayMe comments: ‘The global pandemic has accelerated the move towards the cashless society. More businesses are now looking for cash than ever before. NewThere are many ways to handle touch-free payments. However, small businesses are often unable to afford expensive hardware in order to enable digital payments.

‘Our QR code PaymentThis feature allows you to pay on the go with your mobile phone. These are quick and easy ways to make payments, without sharing bank details. You can pay using your phone’s camera, without having to contact anyone. QR codeBusinesses and their customers can continue to observe social distance through payments

‘Fast, effective, and hygienic, QR code PaymentProvides a New and simple solution to a growing commerce problem.’

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