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    Six Tips to Build a Solid Founding Team

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    A solid foundation team is essential for any business to succeed. The workload can become overwhelming and you might give up.

    Students who want to start their own business will find this true. Your time is already limited by school, social activities, part-time work, and other obligations.

    The last thing you want is to try to start your business by yourself. A solid foundation team will help your venture move more quickly and show potential investors that you are able to convince others to believe in what you have.

    This is a valuable skill. If you aren’t able to convince buyers to purchase from your company, it is impossible to convince people to invest in your venture.

    Here are six tips that will help you create a strong foundation team.

    Ask an advisor to join your team

    It’s a lot like playing a sport with people to establish a company. You’ll win some contests, and lose others.

    A coach is essential for a team to succeed. It is absurd to attempt to build a team or a corporation without a coach.

    Ask for help with issues not yet decided

    This is important because it can be seen as wasting time which is something no one likes. You will need to make quick decisions or act quickly when leading a company.

    It is not logical to gather all staff to receive feedback. A simple email update will suffice for this moment. You should contact your team before taking any major decisions.

    Never ask your team member to do something that you would not do.

    This is not a strict rule. You should ask your team member to perform something that you are proficient in and you feel confident doing it.

    Delegate critical responsibilities to qualified individuals

    The team members in the beginning stages of a small business must be knowledgeable in a range of skills or eager to learn new roles.

    They may feel discouraged if you ask them to do something that they don’t know-how. If they are hesitant to learn, it can be a warning sign.

    Delegate critical tasks as evenly as possible

    Because of their different work styles and deadlines, it can be difficult to assign equal work volume to employees.

    However, you can assign tasks based upon their value. A teammate who is responsible only for your website is as valuable to a company as someone who is solely responsible its finances. While both are valuable, the ongoing and initial work is very different.

    Take notice of the little things that show that you care

    You may make it a habit to let everyone know when one of your team members turns 50.

    You don’t need to celebrate birthdays. Instead, pick something that shows your concern and excites your team.

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