Skaleet partners Mobiblanc in driving cutting-edge technology for African banks

Skaleet an international fintech that provides a next-generation Core Banking Platform has partnered with Mobiblanc, an Agile Data Services Entreprise (ESN), in order to provide turnkey solutions for financial institutions across Africa.

This partnership will allow financial institutions to offer new digital and innovative solutions to their customers, both individuals and businesses.

Mobiblanc, which is based in Tunisia or Morocco, is a major player in the North and West African market that focuses exclusively on digital solutions. Mobiblanc offers a highly efficient and effective integration and consulting service to many clients through a team of talented individuals.

Skaleet allows retail banks and financial institutions launch new banking products and services at a low price for their customers.

Skaleet’s flexible, open and modular Core banking Platform offers flexible, innovative banking solutions that can be tailored to each customer.

The digital market is rapidly evolving. Skaleet and Mobiblanc have partnered to enable financial institutions to keep clients at the forefront of innovative technology.

Skaleet, Mobiblanc offer the best customer service and advice.

Yves Eonnet, chairman and co-founder of Skaleet said, “Today, it is essential for financial institutions to be able to innovate quickly and adapt to change. Our ecosystem relies on experts who can solve this problem and are willing to help us.

Mobiblanc was a great partner for us. We immediately saw a cultural, technological, and business fit. The partnership will enable us to further expand our offering and add value to our customers across Africa.”

Youssef El Alaoui, co-founder of Mobiblanc, added, “This partnership confirms our strategic orientation to support the digital transformation of the financial sector.

We share the ambition with Skaleet to offer integration of innovative solutions with cutting-edge, technological expertise in order to bring added value to our partners and respond to the new business requirement of the sector.”

Mobiblanc, Skaleet, and Mobiblanc have both pledged to innovate and create new modules and functionalities in order to remake the banking and financial system to support a formalized, inclusive, and sustainable development for the African continent.

Skaleet and Mobiblanc will participate at Africa Pay & ID Expo 2022 (APIDE), 26-28 May 2022, Marrakech, Morocco.

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