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Job crystal is a South African women-led recruitment website that offers online solutions since 2015. It has now announced the launch of an AI-powered, world-first tool. CRYSTAL uses machine-learning (ML) to screen millions upon millions of applicants and find the right fit for your company.

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Job Crystal was founded in 2015 as an online company. In 2020, it received an R4.2million investment from Enygma Ventures Shift Fund.

Sasha Knott, CEO of Job Crystal, says that a company can incur extraordinary costs if it doesn’t hire the right person quickly. It can make the difference between being ahead of your competition or falling behind. It could mean the difference between reaching your growth goals and complete business failure.

CRYSTAL searches 43 candidate pools, screening 34 million South Africans for potential matches. However, the unique pricing model is a further innovation. Businesses pay by job title and do not have to subscribe to an annual subscription.

Job Crystal’s team provides a human touch by actively teaching the machine how to produce the best results and counteract any AI prediction biases.

Knott and Kelly Louw, a business partner, created the product to assist small and medium businesses in making a positive, meaningful impact on South Africa’s unemployment crisis.

Knott states that 60 percent of South Africa’s workforce is employed by small and medium businesses. It makes sense that the industry sector is able to access the best tools to help them grow their businesses and become sustainable.

CRYSTAL is a new recruitment tool that will be available to business owners who drive economic recovery and future growth and are also creating more jobs for South Africans.

CRYSTAL differentiates itself in a competitive market by actively reducing AI bias towards men younger than 40. Human intervention allows the AI engine to become a more effective tool for helping South African companies achieve their equity targets and to benefit from social growth.

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