Kevin De Bruyne is a soccer star who has teamed up with Crypto Exchange Phemex

The Belgian soccer player who plays for Manchester City – Kevin De Bruyne – collaborated with the Singapore-based cryptocurrency platform Phemex to become its brand ambassador.

De Bruyne Dives Into Crypto

One of the best performing soccer players of our time – Kevin De Bruyne – revealed his interest in the digital asset sector has been growing lately. Manchester City’s star said he is “thrilled” to join forces with Phemex and its team and “develop and explore the future of cryptocurrency.”

Apart from taking a global ambassador role at the trading venue, the Belgian will also feature in educational projects aimed at outlining crypto’s merits to soccer fans.

Phemex’s CEO Jack Tao described De Bruyne as “the complete footballer who constantly adapts to the game situation and makes the right play.”

“We look forward to working together to showcase how our comprehensive and easy-to-use platform empowers users to break through and break free in their financial journey.”

Kevin De Bruyne has been a major soccer player in recent times. Last week, he helped his team Manchester City win its sixth title in England’s Premier League, while in November, he will be one of Belgium’s captains during the World Cup in Qatar.

Soccer icons and Crypto

In the past, the cryptocurrency industry has interacted successfully with the soccer community. Last year, the former midfielder of FC Barcelona – Andrés Iniesta – advertised the cryptocurrency exchange Binance on Instagram and Twitter – albeit somewhat controversially.

Neymar revealed that he is an NFT enthusiast at the beginning of 2022 when he purchased a Bored Ape Yacht Club digital collection for nearly 160 ETH. The transaction was worth more than $480,000.

David Beckham and Ronaldinho are also members of this club. The former joined the P00LS decentralized exchange to launch his token, called “RON”, while the British filed three trademark requests for NFTs, virtual clothes, and entertainment events within the Metaverse.

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