DeFi Land, a Solana-based company, launches its first play-to-earn game

DeFi Land is a multi-chain simulation gaming project based on the Solana Blockchain. It has revealed its first play to earn game, designed to gamify all aspects decentralized finance (DeFi).

DeFi Land Launches a New P2E Game

According to the press release that was shared with CryptoPotatoThe game will allow players the ability to shoot, fish, farm, drive harvesters and carter for their pets.

Players will receive DFL and GoldY in return. These tokens are the governance and in game tokens of DeFi Land. These tokens can be used to craft, upgrade, modify, or repair in-game non-fungible tokens.

To access the P2E feature, players must have at least one DeFi Land Gen-0 FFT. The NFT collection currently includes 22000 Gen-1 NFTs. Their floor price is 0.9 SOL, which can be found on NFT marketplaces OpenSea/Magic Eden.

DeFi Land Offers a Free-to Earn Mode

There is also a free mode, which allows players to get started with their gaming adventures without any initial capital. The free-to-play mode allows players to accumulate XP, move up the leaderboard, and earn monthly prizes such DFL, GoldY, and NFTs.

According to the PR, the DeFi Land ecosystem was initially launched without monetary rewards, but the project has managed to attract more than 7,500 daily users and 25,000 monthly users waiting to access the new game.

Although the game will initially be available on the Solana Blockchain, the project indicated that it intends to explore other blockchains in the future.

“Thanks to 7,500 DAU and 25,000 MAU, DeFi Land continues to climb the overall rankings. The team is preparing to launch the first Play-and-Earn mechanics. DeFi Land intends to explore a multichain future, and will make announcements about possible chain integrations in the months ahead. An alpha mobile version of the game is in development and should be released in Q3 2022.”

DeFi Land’s first-of-its-kind play-to-earn gaming mechanics comes after a collaboration with Solana’s leading move-to-earn project STEPN.

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