South African proptech start-up expands to Australia

Flow, a South African tech startup, was founded by Gil Sperling, Daniel Levy and delivers pre-assessed leads directly to the landlords and listing agents.

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Having experienced a steady 30% MoM growth in Flow since its launch, and having secured $2.4m funding from different venture capital funds during 2018-2019, Flow is now being used by 4500 South African estate agents and has been used by over 9 million South African tenants and buyers.

African proptechs have been creating scalable solutions that can be applied beyond Africa more often than ever. With strong acceptance from global markets, it is clear that home-grown African businesses are viable.

According to the company’s data, there has been a 10x increase of the use of social media for property sales over the past 12 months. This coincides with an increase in renters and buyers searching digitally for the property. Due to an outdated property industry, startups are now bridging the gap between traditional processes and the hyper-connected world we live in.

Australia boasts 90,000. Agents and a $9 trillion housing market. This is an opportunity for Flow. It can change how people live and work.

“Surprisingly, for such a progressive economic country, Australia’s realty industry is suffering from similar dynamics, transformations, and transformations to real estate markets in South Africa,” stated Gil Sperling, Co-Founder, and Co-CEO of Flow. “By introducing Flow in Australia, we are grabbing the collar of an industry that is dragging its heels to propel itself into the 21st Century. A high percentage of people use social media, and real estate agents and property developers can’t afford not to reach this audience in an effective way.

As the company expands its global reach, integrations with Australian real-estate CRMs AgentBox, Box+Dice and Box+Dice will give Flow access to 6,300 Australian agents offices. Flow also has a partnership with real-estate management software MRI Software.

Daniel Levy, co-founder and Co-CEO, said, “We did a lot of research before we committed to the expansion. We’ve had very positive results during testing.” Our tech was designed for smart agents and developers with expertise in their chosen area, regardless of whether it’s in Africa or anywhere else around the globe. We are launching in Australia with our distribution partner. We are actively seeking other markets to follow this model.

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