StackBlitz Raises $7.9M in Seed Funding


StackBlitz raised $7.9M in Seed Funding, a San Francisco which builds a web-based collaborative web development platform.

The round was led by Greylock Partners with support from Google Ventures, Tom Preston-Werner (GitHub Co-Founder), Jay Srinivasan and Pratyus Patnaik (Appurify & atSpoke Co-Founders), and other leaders across the developer space.

The company plans to use these funds to expand its operations, build collaborative web development environments, launch new developer experiences in the future quarters, and expand its market reach.

StackBlitz is led by Eric Simons, CEO and Albert Pai, the CTO. It provides a development environment that allows seamless code collaboration, without having to create a local environment. The beta version of the new experience was launched at Google I/O last May powered by WebContainers, a key technology. These environments can be shared via URL and launched instantly in a browser tab. They also provide an additional layer of security thanks to browser Sandboxing. Since then, the team has worked with the largest open source projects (such as Vite, Remix, SvelteKit, Nuxt, Next) and companies to expand StackBlitz’s capabilities.

Developers from over 2,000 companies – including many global tech leaders like Google, Airbnb, Uber, Meta, Shopify, Stripe, Apple, and Cloudflare – use it to accelerate their web development.

To bring WebContainers across all devices, platforms and languages, the company has partnered with Google and other partners such as Mozilla, Fastly and Shopify.

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