Startup Event 2022: Cyber Tech Africa 2022

Mobile navigation. Cybertech events all over the globe. CyberTech Africa// 16-17 November, 2021. CyberTech Global, Dubai//28-30 March 2022. CyberTech Europe, Rome// 10-11 May, 2022. CyberTech Asia, Singapore// 18-20 May, 2022. Special Events and Summits Delegations from all over the globe Organization & Media Partners. CYBERTECH SMALLORE PTE LTD.

Cybertech Africa 2021 includes plenary sessions, lectures, and VIP speakers. An extensive exhibition will also be available for SMBs and multinationals. The Startup Pavilion will enable young and innovative startups to show off their cutting-edge technologies.

September 01, 2022 to September 02, 2022

Kigali Convention Centre
Address: KG 2 Roundabout, Kigali.

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