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Startup Huddle Startup Huddle Atteridgeville invites to a session for networking on 12 May

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Additional Information

Startup Huddle provides an educational program that connects with, engages, educates, and encourages entrepreneurs. The program was founded on the belief that entrepreneurs can solve their problems by engaging in meaningful dialogue with one another.

How it Works:

If your idea or project is less than 6 months old, you can apply here. Click here to be a mentor for an entrepreneur, corporate senior or junior in your industry. Be sure to select “Startup Hut Atteridgeville”

Format for Event

  • A handful of early-stage founders give a six minute presentation about their startup to a large audience.
  • After each presentation, there is a 20-minute Q and A session during which the community gives feedback and ideas to the entrepreneur.
  • The Q&A Session will be followed by networking
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