Stop saying “Hey Google! Stop!” and just say “Stop”

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Google Assistant is a useful tool that you can use via your smartphone, smart speaker or display. Strangely, however, these home units can mistake what we say for the “Hey Google!” hotword, and start a conversation in the background. It is easier to tell the Assistant to stop in these situations.

Google made this announcement via a single tweet last week. It said that the greatest command of all time has been added to the Assistant without having to say “Hey Google, stop.” This is a huge deal because it’s a vast improvement on the way you used to do this before.

Moving forward, if your smart speaker or display talks at random or for too much, tell it to “stop”. And, if you’re at someone’s house and they keep repeating the command with “Hey Google,” let that person know.

And speaking of shortcuts, everyone knows that alarms and timers can be stopped by simply saying “stop,” right. This has been the norm for 3 years. Yet, I know of people (my brother lol) who don’t realize that they can stop with out the hotword introduction. Perhaps I should tell him…

However, we are living in a world where everyone shouts “stop!” Enjoy it.

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