Stratis will fund a blockchain innovation center in Uganda

Stratis a long-term partnership has been established with the charitable Foundation of King Oyo. The current monarch of the Tooro Kingdom in South West Uganda, home to approximately one million people, is now a member of this partnership. King Oyo (Rukirabasaija Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV) is the world’s youngest reigning monarch, crowned at 3 and a half. His keen interest in technology is what makes him so popular. King Oyo Science, Technology, Innovation and Industrialization was created in a recent partnership with Uganda Industrial Research Institute.

Stratis is funding a new kingdom-wide blockchain innovation center. The centre will be used to develop knowledge and skills in the field of blockchain development. This syllabus will help to share knowledge and spark creativity around the topic of blockchain applicability.

Stratis, a Microsoft-focused Blockchain platform, was built using Microsoft programming languages (C#). The syllabus will leverage renowned development tools, such as Microsoft’s Visual Studio. Participants will also be able to lean on a wealth of online knowledge thanks to Stratis’ choice of utilizing one of the world’s most popular programming languages. Stratis intends to place a team of senior business and technical leaders at the innovation centre to help it grow its ecosystem in Africa.

Chris Trew, Founder & CEO of Stratis, commented: “We’re looking forward to developing a syllabus that will be taught at the new innovation center, focused on the use of Stratis blockchain technologies. We view this investment as the beginning of Stratis Africa and plan to deploy a senior team to Uganda.” He also added: “King Oyo is taking a forward-thinking stance on innovation that will bring new economic opportunities to the Tooro Kingdom.”

They will also work together on blockchain-based use cases that could benefit the Tooro Kingdom’s population. A special area of interest is agriculture. The Tooro Kingdom is well-known for its rich soils and sunshine, as well as the abundant rainfall. Stratis’ management team already envisions the employment of solutions in agriculture and track-and-trace by introducing blockchain technologies to enable new intelligent resource management facilities. IoT devices will interact with Stratis Blockchain technologies to create an impermanent data store that contains data relating plot usage, weather conditions, financial detail, and product traceability.

The partnership was described by King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba IIguru Rukidi IV: “Blockchain technologies offer new approaches to organizing societies and increasing efficiencies. In the Tooro Kingdom, we see that the immutability of blockchain has significant potential, for example, for use cases within agriculture, logistics, banking and many more.” He continued: “I’m excited to be working with Stratis to further knowledge and understanding across the kingdom.”

Stratis has seen significant growth in new applications built using its foundational Layer 1 blockchain technologies over recent years as developers embrace the simplicity of developing in the world’s most widely known programming language, C#. Innovation is flourishing on Stratis in areas such as blockchain gaming (20 new games are in development), DeFi, an Opdex decentralized marketplace recently launched, and NFTs (Stratisphere freeless NFT platform is now online).

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