Symbiosis Combines 1inch to Allow Cross-Chain Swaps Best Price Discovery

Symbiosis, a multi-chain liquidity protocol, has integrated the 1inch DEX aggregater to allow arbitrary asset swaps between EVM compatible networks.

Symbiosis manages stablecoin liquidity pools, routes transactions through existing DEXes and so the partnership is crucial to ensure the best prices for end-users. The 1inch router works on both the source and destination chains sides.

This is the best price to exchange any tokens. The best solution for large amounts of tokens is 1 inch. It can make a big difference. Super excited!

Will, Co-founder Symbiosis

The Symbiosis team had been using a self-developed routing protocol prior to this transition. Near and Solana will be out shortly.

Symbiosis introduced beta-mainnet to the public in March. In addition to diving into non EVMs, protocol’s team monitors potential in various L2s. Boba was the first to be integrated recently.

About the Company

Symbiosis allows users to make any cryptocurrency token swap across multiple blockchains using a single click. The protocol currently supports 5 networks, including BNB Chain (formerly BSC), Ethereum Polygon and Avalanche. Additional networks will be added in future. Their primary goals are to solve the twin problems of interoperability while providing an easy-to-use experience.


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