T-Mobile Dominates Latest Network Speed, 5G Availability Metrics

Speedtest Intelligence provides the most recent figures regarding network speed, consistency and 5G availability among the top three US mobile carriers: T-Mobile and Verizon.

download 16SI reports that T-Mobile is the fastest provider when it comes down to download speeds. The median speed for T-Mobile is 90.65Mbps. This is twice the speed of Verizon’s 44Mbps and 49Mbps median speeds for AT&T. Each carrier was marked in the low 30ms area for median latency.

T-Mobile was also awarded the top spot inconsistency tests. This is a measure of a carrier’s ability provides consistent speeds. T-Mobile received an 87.3% score, while Verizon got an 80.4% score and AT&T got 80.2%.

T-Mobile’s 5G performance is the real star. These tests revealed that T-Mobile’s median 5G download speed was 187.12Mbps. This beat Verizon’s 78Mbps and AT&T’s 68%.

We want to end our discussion by highlighting 5G availability. T-Mobile also did well in this category as you can see. This is calculated by the “percentage users on 5G-capable device that spend most of their time on 5G both roaming and on-network”. T-Mobile won the title with 61.4%, followed closely by AT&T’s 48%, and Verizon’s lowly 36.4%.

These numbers can be fun for number crunchers but every case is unique. Even though it may look great on paper, real-world results might not be the same. Verizon, for example, may still offer the best coverage, which is fine. You can choose what suits you best, but Ookla will tell you which carrier offers the best value for money. It seems like T-Mobile is the clear winner of the three.

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