Taker acquires Brisk Delivery

Taker announces the acquisition of Brisk Delivery. It states that the company is now a Taker subsidiary and has retained its brand. This is an important step in enhancing, expanding and strengthening TakerGo. TakerGo is an innovative delivery system that connects restaurants with the best delivery service providers in KSA. TakerGo empowers restaurants of all sizes with or without delivery fleets to improve the efficiency of their delivery service.

Taker recognized the importance of providing sustainable solutions for digital transformation in restaurants and formalized the incorporation of Brisk assets into its TakerGo service. The rapid growth in TakerGo service demand has led to this acquisition. TakerGo’s services have been a success for many restaurants and allowed them to expand into new geographical markets.

Taker explained that the primary driver of the acquisition was to improve TakerGo’s ability to offer a wider range of services and features to help all types of restaurant customers. Taker offers better support and services to clients because they share the same commitment to their customers and urgency to provide value to ensure sustainable growth.

TakerGo was founded in 2020 to address one of the most difficult logistical problems facing restaurants: providing reliable delivery services for customers. TakerGo empowers restaurants in order to deal with rapid changes in food delivery. According to Statista’s online food delivery report, by 2023, the global online food delivery sector is expected to reach USD 154B. However, online food ordering rates in KSA have increased to SAR 4.5B (USD1.2B), with an average delivery of 1M meals per day.

TakerGo has proved its viability in helping restaurants to achieve tangible business results by giving them complete control over their delivery services. Restaurants have the ability to select from trusted delivery service providers, and can also choose delivery fees that are 0% of the total cost. They can choose between in-house, outsourced or hybrid logistics. They can also accept large orders at rush hour without worrying about the quality.

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