Tangerine Africa infuses finance with innovation

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The financial sector is experiencing incredible innovation. Every minute there is a new idea, and every dawn there is a financial solution that opens the world up to greater possibilities.

Despite the innovative boom, it is urgent to promote socio-economic transformation through financial solutions that are equally available to all.

Tangerine Africa is a financial services company that is leading the charge in creating financial tools and services that are available to all people, no matter where they come from. It is giving the world a seat in its new campaign “Finance Made Sweeter”

Finance Made Sweeter was founded on the belief that basic financial services can make people’s lives better and help them grow their businesses. This is illustrated by millions of small businesses from informal sectors being able to open bank accounts and connect with a wider market to scale up their operations. Finance Made Sweeter is when everyone can access financial tools at a fraction of the cost and receive them with incredible real value in record time.

Tangerine was founded with the goal of empowering financial access across Africa. We are constantly developing new solutions to help users experience finance, whether they want to pay bills faster, get loans quicker, or insure their possessions more cheaply. Users can access many intuitively designed financial tools on one platform that makes their money flows seamless and helps them reach their long-term financial goals.

You’ll find the following on Tangerine Africa. Users can bank free of charge, have instant insurance at reasonable rates and pay monthly for their plans. The company also created pensions that are fit for the 21st Century. It offers users a real-time overview of their pensions account and allows them to make instant contributions. They can also receive greater returns on their pensions, which will allow them to retire in comfort.

This is why “Finance Made Sweeter” is more than just a slogan. It is an expression of the company’s unwavering determination to bring financial innovation to every African doorstep and design products that enable them to achieve better lives, give them the backbone to pursue their dreams, and provide all the resources they need to grow their business. Click here to watch Finance Made Sweeter.

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