Telegram to begin a paid subscription plan

All those familiar with Telegram, know the slogan “Telegram is free forever. No ads. No subscription fees”. Messengers wanted to be clear that they do not intend to charge their users. But, it seems that this is changing. According to recent reports, the company is working on a Telegram Premium. The name clearly suggests that the company will charge a fee and will provide some “Premium-exclusive” features. The company seems to already be anticipating this and is currently in the process of implementing it. preparing the path for it. A beta version of the app now gives clear clues, including exclusive reactions as well as stickers. Telegram’s code has been found and the slogan has been dropped. So we can conclude that “free forever” is no longer part of the company’s philosophy.


New strings were previously discovered by Alessandro Paluzzi, a mobile developer leaker and a Twitter user, giving us a glimpse at the same page in an upcoming version. It dramatically changes the language. Now it reads as follows: “Telegram provides free unlimited cloud storage for chats and media.” There is no wording around subscriptions precisely. This is likely to be a preparation for the paid Telegram version.

We don’t know if this slogan will appear in the app, but there are no signs. This could be an update for Telegram Premium. The company will likely create buzz for the announcement rather than keep it low profile.

This move is quite obvious. Telegram isn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last social media/messenger trying to create a paid subscription plan. It all began with Twitter and the Blue paid subscribe plan. Reports now suggest that there is a paid WhatsApp Tier for business accounts. Telegram has joined the paid plan tier. Telegram is looking at other ways to monetize its platform. Since late 2020, it has been studying forms.


As per the previous leaks, from the iOS beta version, the service will give a badge confirming you’re a premium member. This badge will be displayed at the top right of your chats in your profile. Premium customers can also get other reactions or stickers. Hopefully, these won’t be the only “goodies” for paid subscribers. Otherwise, we don’t see big reasons for “upgrading”. Of course, we don’t even know how much the plan will cost. All speculation is allowed at the moment.

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