Telegram unveils custom notification sounds which you can mute at will

Telegram messenger launched a number of new features Monday in an effort to improve user chat experience and privacy.

The new tools include customized notification sounds, custom mutes, new auto delete menu in profiles, web interface for BOTs and replies in forwarded mails. There are also improved picture-in-picture on Android and iOS.

Users can now convert any sound into a notification tone with the latest update.

According to the company, they can also create custom alerts from any music or memes.

Any chat can have sounds added to the notification soundlist.

Tones support audio files up to 300 KB and voice messages less than 5 seconds.

Telegram used to support temporarily muting chats for up to 8 hours, or 2 days.

The company announced that users now have the ability to mute notifications for a specified duration (e.g., the length of a nap or extended vacation).

Users can now use the auto-delete feature to delete any chat, making it more private or less cluttered.

Update: Users can enable flexible timer settings, like 2 days/3 weeks/4 months and more, for auto-delete on any chat.

Telegram has updated its bots to add a whole new dimension. It gives bot developers the ability to create infinitely flexible interfaces in JavaScript.

Telegram bots are now able to completely replace any website.

Telegram’s in-app translation function for iOS devices has been enhanced to allow better quality translations of many languages such as Ukrainian.

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