The Lenovo Tab Pro 12 Pro is now available in the US

The P12 Pro is a premium Android tablet that you would find in the Samsung Galaxy S Series, but the tablet has the specifications to be worth the price. The tablet features a large, high-quality display with quad speakers and an optional detachable keyboard. It also includes a Lenovo Precision pen 3 for drawing and writing.

p12 pro 12

The Snapdragon 870 is a good processor but it isn’t the best Qualcomm will offer in 2022. The tablet claims that it supports up to 8GB RAM and 256GB storage. However, there is only one model available in the US: a 6GB/128GB model. These are features you would expect from a mid-range smartphone.

This tablet is obviously larger than a smartphone, and Lenovo says that it can be used as a second screen on your laptop with the Lenovo Project Unity app.

Google is also working to update Android. The tablet-friendly operating system was first supported by the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro in the Developer Preview , before Google started rolling out a beta version for Pixel phones. Although Lenovo has a poor track record in releasing software updates to its Android tablets, it is likely that the Tab P12 Pro will be at least updated to Android 12L once the operating system becomes stable.

Other hardware features include a USB Type-C port and 4 pogo pins at the bottom for connecting to an optional keyboard. Dual microphones are also available.

The Lenovo Tab Pro 12 Pro supports Bluetooth 5.2 and WiFi 6 and has a 10.200 mAh battery. The tablet comes with a 30-W USB-C power adapter. However, it can also support 45-watt fast charging. It measures 285.6×184.5×5.6mm (11.2″x7.3”x0.2”) and is 565g (1.24 lbs).

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