The Pozio Cradle Charges Your Phone While Blocking It From Listening To You

pozio cradle

Almost all smartphones today have a digital assistant that is always listening. It is a way for users to save time by not having to click buttons or launch apps in order to have the digital assistant do the job.

We know that not everyone wants or needs a digital assistant. However, some users may be uncomfortable with the idea of their phones listening to what they say. The good news? If you are looking for privacy, the Pozio Cradle could be the solution.

It is a dock/charger for your phone that charges your phone and blocks your phone’s microphone from hearing you. Pozio claims that the company uses “patented technology” that works in the background to stop smart device microphones from listening to private conversations.

It works in a similar way to noise-canceling headphones. The Cradle emits an audible tone that cancels out any sounds picked up by the phone’s microphone. The Cradle can be told to stop at the point where it stops blocking technology for 30 seconds. This allows you to use your phone’s digital assistant if you have a need.

This sounds interesting? Then head over to Pozio’s site to grab the Cradle at $119.

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