The Village Network rakes in €3.4 million in funding

The Village Network, which is a women-led network based in Warsaw and aims to enhance childhood experiences for enhanced developmental, support parents and support early educators.

More often than not, childcare falls on the shoulders of mothers.

A notable shortage of childcare options is affecting women in a significant way. They are often left with the difficult decision of whether to prioritize their careers or childcare.

The Polish platform has now raised €3.4 million to create an all-in-one marketplace to encourage child development. 

The funding was backed by Movens Capital, 500 Startups, Tilia Impact Ventures, and Credo Ventures.

The women-run business offers edtech solutions, including an application to run schools, nurseries, preschools and schools.

How does this model work? 

The Village Network provides quality childcare facilities that are creative and compassionate. 

The nanny-shares, micro-nurseries, and preschools are parent-led in so-called ‘villages’ – based in community hubs. 

Teachers and parents in villages take part in The Village Way’s original courses. They also regularly update their qualifications based on Reggio Emilia pedagogy and the philosophy of nonviolent communication.

Aside from forming quality childcare and education, the startup is focused on supporting women’s professional development and fostering gender equity in parenthood and entrepreneurship.

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