These 5 Technological Trends Are Most Likely To Shape 2022 And Beyond

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Technological Trends: 2022 is shaping up to be an interesting year in many regards. Here are 5 technological trends that are likely to play a significant role.

These 5 Technological Trends Will Revolutionize 2022 and Beyond

As we progress into 2022, it’s time to re-evaluate where we stand in terms of technology. With many exciting developments in multiple areas, this is shaping up to be an interesting year indeed.

These are our forecasts:

1. A revolution in gaming and entertainment

With the emergence of real-time rendering, we are one step closer to photorealism. Imagine being sucked into a virtual reality where everything seems real… and you’re part of the surroundings. The less developed parts of the world will get access to affordable wearable displays to deliver realistic graphics at a fraction of the cost typically associated with such devices.

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2. AI assistants

Nowadays, an interaction with an AI-powered algorithm that takes on the form of a human assistant almost gives the impression you’re talking to an actual human being instead of a smart algorithm. Tony Sloterman, the Product Owner of Casino Bonuses Finder, forecasts that AI technology will grow beyond what’s possible to achieve today, powering a multitude of AI assistants that will hold your hand and guide you through your day-to-day interactions. From healthcare facilities to shopping malls, multiple industries are bound to benefit from it.

3. More ways to interact with devices

When the first operating system was developed, the goal was to make an interface that would bridge the gap between a human and a machine, allowing for seamless communication. The keyboard was the main tool for inputting commands, and to a large extent, it managed to retain its function up until today.

But as time moves on, we can expect more ways to communicate with a multitude of operating systems that exist in today’s digital environment. Alexa, the popular voice-command-driven household assistant, is a great example. When new ways to interact with devices enter our lives, keyboards could very well be pushed into obsolescence.

4. Goodbye to passwords

Our most sensitive and valuable information is still protected by a tried and tested login form that protects its contents with a password. The problem is, they’re hard on our memory, and the more of you need to remember, the bigger the problem gets. Due to this, things have started moving in the direction of biometrics. Chances are, the devices of the future will rely on it as the main data shielding mechanism, prompting us to unlock them through scanning a part of our body (iris, fingerprint, or face).

5. Intertwining technology and health

As we progress into 2022 and beyond, we will surely see an increase in gadgets that monitor our health. The key is to make these gadgets portable, wearable, and non-bothersome, so they can travel with you and do their job without you even noticing. In the years to come, this could open up several interesting possibilities, with home-based care being just one example.


The advancement of technology is the key to improving the quality of our lives. Without it, we wouldn’t be where we are today, and the future is rife with a multitude of interesting and potentially game-changing developments.

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