This Kenyan startup uses AI to aid in real-time diagnosis

Neural Labs, a Kenyan startup, uses AI-enabled medical imagery to enable real-time diagnosis and treatment of various heart, breast and respiratory diseases.

Established in January 2021, the company was founded by Tom Kinyanjui (machine learning engineer) and Paul Mwaura Ndirangu (founders). Neural Labs has developed a platform called NeuralSight in a bid to reduce Africa’s disease burden and hospital workloads, with better patient outcomes and democratised access to healthcare.

NeuralSight can detect, label and highlight over 20 heart, respiratory and breast diseases. This includes pneumonia, tuberculosis and COVID-19. Since 2020, the co-founders have been developing AI-focused technologies. Eventually, they decided to focus on healthcare issues.

“In 2020, we worked on various projects on platforms such as Zindi Africa and Kaggle that focused on improving healthcare delivery using AI. We identified the market gap in Africa and decided to collect data locally and develop AI models in the healthcare space to improve patient care,” Kinyanjui told Disrupt Africa.

In Africa, healthcare services are overused yet under-resourced, meaning a patient’s wait time to receive analysed lab results is often more than 72 hours. This leads to late treatment. This will reduce the chance of survival. NeuralSight’s AI-enabled medical imaging platform speeds u[ this process, and the startup is currently running clinical trials in Nairobi.

“We are receiving positive feedback, and receiving numerous requests from hospitals to implement our technology in their facilities,” said Kinyanjui.

Neural Labs was founded in Joined the Startupbootcamp AfriTech latest programmeKinyanjui stated that the accelerator will allow them to conduct trials and collect information in West African countries.

“Currently, NeuralSight is not making revenue as we are in the process of final product development,” he said. “However, revenue streams are expected to be both transactional and on a subscription basis.”

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