This startup is the first to use e-bikes within South Africa

Pathway Cycles, a local startup, pioneered the use of electric bikes in South Africa. It aims to create a sustainable business model and offer a more affordable way for people to get around.

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Pathway Cycles offers an eco-friendly delivery option with a trademarked formula. It combines ebikes, digital advertising, and a high-quality delivery service.

Craig Atkinson and Trever Wentworth founded the startup. The latter has been investing in electric bikes in the United States since 2016, and saw the potential for this model in South Africa.

The trio purchased 10 e-bikes to test their capabilities. After three years of tweaking, pivoting, and testing, the company launched its delivery solution in April last year. Atkinson shared that Pathway Cycles made over 300 deliveries of its test e-bikes. They also had six months of intensive testing with one of South Africa’s busiest delivery centers. “Pathway Cycles never lost battery life and had no late deliveries,” Atkinson said to Disrupt Africa.

Our extended battery life allows drivers to drive double shifts, which gives them 100-120 km of travel time per day. Services and repairs are easy and inexpensive thanks to the simple plug-and-play parts.

Pathway Cycles has achieved this success and now plans to be the “go-to” company for e-bike delivery in the commercial sector. Atkinson stated that the model is internationally successful.

Electric bikes are quickly becoming the global standard for delivery, and many companies are moving to a more sustainable and economical option. Traditional delivery methods, such as cars, scooters and motorbikes are uneconomical, inefficient, costly, time-consuming and harmful to the environment. Pathway Cycles offers a green option that is affordable and has dedicated customer service and roadside assistance teams.

Riders love riding e-bikes on their deliveries. The e-bikes from Pathway Cycles are safe and can be used in bicycle lanes. Delivery riders benefit from having their own lanes that they can use on many public roads. Customers will be happy with quick deliveries and higher revenue. ViziCube offers businesses the opportunity to make additional income by leveraging the power of outdoor, digital and mobile advertising. It’s the only solution to eco-friendly delivery that also generates revenue.

Pathway Cycles is primarily self-funded but has some angel capital. They are now looking for additional development funding to fund a Series A round. The startup has already made inroads into Johannesburg and Bloemfontein to expand its operations across South Africa. Atkinson stated that the startup is also looking at expansion to other African and European markets.

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