Three Major Types of SSL Certificates to Protect Your Business

There are many types of SSL certificates. However, some are more important to businesses than others. We will be focusing on the most important for companies in this article.

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Wildcard SSLs

A wildcard SSL is a good choice if a company or organization has multiple web assets.

A company named Web4Africa Ltd, which owns the domain, can deploy one wildcard SSL to its web assets such as for a mail server, for a chatting service, and for an internet phone server.

Wildcard SSLs have the greatest cost savings, especially if there are many sub-domains. The company doesn’t need an SSL for every subdomain, but can instead deploy one wildcard SSL for all subdomains.

Organizational Validation (OV SSLs)

OV SSLs can be used by companies and organizations that only require primary verification.

These certificates are also known as Business Validation SSL Certificates. They allow end-users to confirm the company name, address, phone number, and website URL. This allows for trust and increases e-commerce conversions. OV certificates are also more secure than domain validation certs.

Extended Validation (EV SSLs)

The most valuable and respected type SSL certificates are EV SSL certificates. They provide website protection and security. Site Seal logos are a great security indicator online. It shows the company name. EV SSLs can increase the trust of your customers and site visitors, and could even lead to higher conversions.

The warranty amount starts at 1 million US dollars and is significantly higher than DV certificates or OV certificates. EV SSL certificates are highly recommended to e-commerce, banks and government websites that offer online services and receive payments.

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