ThroughPut Raised $6M in Angel Financing

ThroughPut, a Palo Alto, CA-based provider of a Supply Chain AI Optimization platform, raised $6M in Angel funding.

The backers included industry experts, domain experts family offices, industry executives, industry executives, advisors and thought-leaders who were experienced in the supply chain, operations, manufacturing, logistics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and industrial finance.

The company plans to use the funds for growth and product development acceleration, as well as scaling the organization.

ThroughPut’s founder and CEO Ali Raza is the company’s Supply Chain AI chief executive officer. ThroughPut taps into data to improve visibility and increase actionability. ThroughPut enables supply chain AI companies to extend visibility to make it easier to see what is happening. ThroughPut can access existing data to boost sustainable material flow and free-cashflow, logistic distribution, and higher OTIFs in order to reduce costs, cut CO2 emissions, and increase efficiency across end-to-end value chains The Supply Chain AI Orchestration software overlays existing data architectures to provide actionable recommendations and analyze them to make the most positive and optimal business decisions. The software has already optimized over 40 million operational processes across clients’ global supply chain networks to minimize the wastage of resources and drive sustainable solutions. It can be used to support organizations worldwide, including those in food processing, packaging, building materials and retail.

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