Tintra files a patent for digital wallet-linking in its next step to revolutionize global banking

Tintra PLC (‘Tintra’) – the fast-growing RegTeg utilising artificial intelligence and Web3 technologies to build a revolutionary, global, borderless banking infrastructure – has announced the filing of a UK patent application to protect new IP for linking independent digital wallets across Web3 and traditional systems.

Tintra’s groundbreaking IP facilitates the verification and authentication of independent digital wallets, which in the context of Web3 allows for the rapid linking and operation of regulated and unregulated digital wallets across disparate platforms.

In practice, this will allow for greater frictionlessness when transacting within Web3 and between Web3 and traditional banking systems; and, more generally, between developed and emerging world markets.

Until now, legacy banking and Web3 have viewed one another as an existential threat.

Tintra’s technology has been developed as part of an intensive three-month R&D phase, in which Tintra has been creating a global banking infrastructure to remove the bias in traditional finance via machine learning and built upon Web3 tech principles.

Richard Shearer, CEO and Founder of Tintra, comments: “Through Tintra’s groundbreaking, proprietary technology and IP, along with bank licences across four jurisdictions, we are endeavouring to change the way that developed and emerging economies transact with each other. This patent application marks not only the first revealed output from our latest R&D phase, but another piece of the broader puzzle, as Tintra weaves together multiple financial infrastructures, next-generation technologies, and cultures, in order to solve problems that, until now, have only been talked about.”


Tintra PLC, a RegTech based in London, is creating a bank without borders Infrastructure to democratize finance and trade across the emerging globe, delivered via a Strategic network of full bank licenses on four continents, and advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning, Web 3.0 technologies.

Tintra employs 40 people to manage its banking infrastructure in London, Dubai, and the Gulf. The United States. Private individuals and family offices with high profile are some of the investors.

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